Hello!  Welcome to our passion project, Wrapping Happy!  Our company was borne out of the desire to see less stress in the world, more creativity and an infinite amount of happiness sprinkled around!  How better to do that than gift giving!  It doesn't matter what the gift is, giving a gift makes everyone smile,  even just a little.  Now when you add creativity to the gift presentation, even the grumpiest of humans can't help but feel all the feels!  So to all the gift givers, let us help take the stress out of gift giving by amping up the presence of the gift, then you can go off and bring more happiness to your special someone's.  (And psssst....  science tells us that giving a gift increases your own good feelings too!  So it's a win/win!)

But more seriously, Wrapping Happy was created in 2017 by Judy Ogrodnik, an accountant who now embraces the creative life--how else, but happily!