Wrapping Happy is a unique, convenient and stress free way to manage your gift wrapping needs.  Let our creativity and passion for gift wrapping help you to present a gift that will warm your special someone's heart before they have even opened it.   We offer Custom Wrapping Services, Decorated Gift Boxes, and Handmade Gift Toppers.


We specialize in custom gift wrapping services for all occasions and seasons: birthdays, weddings, showers, graduation, Christmas, Valentine's Day, retirement or even 'just because'.  If you have a wrapping need, we are here to help you.


Our most unique and convenient product  is our ready made gift packages.  Yes!  Ready made!  These are gift boxes and packages of all shapes and sizes that are made in advance so that you can simply insert the gift and then present the gift to your special someone!

It couldn't be easier!



Would you like to try something different than the traditional store bought bow for the finishing touch on your gift ?  We  can help with that as well with our 'a la carte' handmade gift embellishments.  These are unique bows or other decorations for the top of the gift.  They are handmade and are often made with unexpected materials.

A gift garnished with one of our beautiful gift toppers will help take your gift wrapping to the next level.